“These children will never forget you.”

This blog post was written by another Jamaica PCV, about our Education Sector Supervisor, whose life was touched at a young age by, not one, but two Peace Corps Volunteers. I found this entry to be beautiful, inspirational, and motivating. It was imperative that I share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks, Michelle, for supplying us with this gem. =)

Simply Intentional

Introducing: Sue W.
A gifted child, Sue grew up in a community where she and her mother were taught by- and interacted with- a number of Peace Corps Volunteers over the years. If I remember correctly, she later befriended a Volunteer who, now returned to the States, is her best friend. Sue is a trained Jamaican teacher but she also started working part-time with Peace Corps as a community liaison or a Language & Culture Facilitator when volunteer training groups came to her town. Eventually she was promoted and is now in charge of PCJ’s Education sector, which makes her my supervisor.

Sue’s Story (transcribed from a video)
Where I come from, we’ve always had Peace Corps Volunteers. So, my mother was taught to sew by a volunteer in the 60’s when volunteers were focusing on vocational work. And as a result of that, my mother was able to make…

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One thought on ““These children will never forget you.”

  1. April sweetheart – I read & watch that video, and cry every time! I am so proud of you and what you have decided to do with these years of your life filled with uncertainty and unsure what path to follow. But I feel after reading this blog, your path will be well lite for you, and this experience will choose for you what your future will be. The simple truth of knowing that you are impacting young children thru education and role-modeling, should make this chapter in your life complete. Take great pride in knowing that you too will be the Mrs. Zarr and “angel” in MANY children’s lives while you are in Jamaica and you WILL make a great difference in their life, and rest assured THEY will remember you! I will remember this blog for all the time you are serving, and it will help remind me what a wonderful person you are growing into and how you wish to contribute to this earth and not take. I am impressed! I love you, Mom

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