Peace Corps Acronyms

Peace Corps loves their acronyms. Here is a list of some common ones you may see on my blog:

PC – Peace Corps
PCV – Peace Corps Volunteer
RPCV – Return Peace Corps Volunteer
PCVL – Peace Corps Volunteer Leader
PCT – Peace Corps Trainee
PST – Pre-Service Training
PTS – Program Training Specialist
PCJ – Peace Corps Jamaica
PC/W – Peace Corps Washington
CBT – Community Based Training
HBT – Hub-based Training
L&N – Literacy & Numeracy
GI – Green Initiatives
ESC – Early Service Conference
MSC – Mid Service Conference
COS – Close Of Service
CD – Country Director
PACA – Participatory Analysis for Community Action
CASI – Community and Sector Inventory
PSN – Peer Support Network
VAC – Volunteer Advisory Committee
SSC – Safety and Security Coordinator
LCF – Language & Cultural Facilitator
PDM – Project Design and Management
ET – Early Termination

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