PCV Tips: Planning an Arts & Crafts Summer Camp

I’ve just returned from a rejuvenating (and much needed!) vacation at home in the States. Since it might be another week or two before I get another original post out, I decided to reblog a fantastic post written by a fantastic PCV.

Right after school ended for the summer, I held an Arts & Crafts Camp at CVPJHS for eight students. This was a huge undertaking, filled with many moving parts and so many opportunities for things to go wrong. But good fortune was on my side, as was Dominique, who really helped me pull this off. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her.

Check out this beautiful entry about our summer camp!

Two Years pon di Rock

Earlier this month, I had the honor of assisting fellow PCV April with her summer camp. She arrived with Group 84—a year ahead of mine—and it was fascinating to watch her interact at her site, given the year she’s spent there.

The trip brought me back to St. Thomas parish. I had a bizarre sense of nostalgia as I traveled back in Morant Bay (the parish capital), probably because having trained there made it feel like a home of sorts. The first few months I spent on the island felt like limbo, and I don’t think I was the only one who tried to forge a sense of “home” amidst the uncertainty. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit my HUB host family this time, but we’ll make special arrangements sometime soon!

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