I’ve been trying for a month to write a halfway decent blog post. I’m four weeks prior to departure, you see, and in theory, I should have something heartfelt and sincere to say. Perhaps a few final thoughts I care to leave behind? A legacy? A farewell?

But I don’t.

I have very little that I care to say out loud. I, alone, am privy to my thoughts, as they are rapidly changing and I can’t seem to keep up. I’m nervous. I’m scared. Excited and thrilled. In many ways, this is everything I’ve always wanted. And in many others, it’s nothing I ever expected.

Of course, I’m saying this now, before I’ve even begun. What will I say when I am two weeks into training? How will I feel? Will I be as self-assured as I imagine I will be? Or will I be as the other PCV’s (Peace Corps Volunteer) say; wondering what on earth possessed me to do such a thing?

How can I, now, at this very moment, possibly make a statement? There is so much I don’t know. How am I to predict how I’ll feel in the coming weeks and months, when I can’t even get a firm grasp on how I feel right now? My mind is a chaotic whirl. I’m busy preparing for my departure, anticipating my arrival, and trying to juggle work and spending time with friends in between. Everything has been moving so fast, and in these next final weeks, they’ll only continue to speed up.

Last weekend, I ventured into the Northeast to visit my friends from college. It was a much-needed break that allowed me a chance to unwind and decompress. Next weekend, I’ll be able to do it again, but this time, in the company of a friend with whom I share a complicatedly simple relationship.

When I return, it’s go time. I have shopping lists and to-do lists that are miles long and will have less than three weeks to get everything done. There will hardly be time to think, and before I know it, it will be March 11th.



My world will likely be flipped upside down in ways that I never saw coming. I’ll say goodbye to my home, my friends, and my family. I’ll give up the creature comforts that I knowingly take for granted. I’ll bid farewell to a community for whom my appreciation came unexpectedly. My students will likely forget my name. And I fear that my beloved pet… My Emma. My girl. She’s getting old and… oh god I don’t even want to think it.

But these are the thoughts running through my head. Every time I get in my car and drive around the city. When I am in a store looking for something I need for Jamaica. When I sit in my room and look at the walls that have seen and heard so much. It’s been my room for my entire life. It’s filled with me, in the forms of little trinkets and knick-knacks. At night, with Emma curled at my feet, I stare at my ceiling (adorned with glow-in-the-dark stars) and convince myself to stay calm…

…Because I wanted this. I wanted the uncertainty. I wanted the fear. I wanted the unknown. Eighteen months ago, I decided I was ready to give up what I know in exchange for the adventure of a lifetime. The world is mine and my future belongs to me. The Peace Corps will test me, push me to my limits, and force me to rise above. I will grow and I will change. I will not be the same person I was when I started, but I look forward to meeting her in the end.

Jamaica, mon.

Bring it.

One thought on “3/11

  1. My dear… All of the things you are experiencing are normal. Do not take the next four weeks for granted. Hug harder, love longer… spend time with your beloved kitty and listen to your music up loud. Play games online, go shopping, take pictures to take with you for when you get home sick. It seems silly, but take pictures of your room… take pictures of your house… take pictures of your city and your friends. They will be what gets you through at those times when you feel the most home sick.

    Remember that you have people who love you. People who care. And remember that this really is the adventure of a life time… a learning opportunity that not everyone gets. I am envious of you, but at the same time so proud. I love you like a sister… More so than one of my own. But I know you need this. I know you are frightened… the unknown always does that. But know that when you come home, you will be a greater person for your experiences. I look forward to meeting her too. I, as always, remain your loyal friend. Though we’ve never been face to face, you are one of the people closest to my heart. I will be with you in your heart, and only a message away if you need me.

    Be brave my dear. It will all pan out. Until then, know you go with love at your heels and with best wishes to speed you on the wind.


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